Why we started

As the country goes through trying times and companies are trying to maintain control on costs and labour. We realised that outsourcing certain parts of a company is far more feasible and helps reduce stress on parts of the company that do not generate revenue. 


So by outsourcing the Admin workload to Admingenix this alleviates office and infrastructure costs.  There is no need to worry about salaries as you only pay for services you need, when you need them. 


Our primary goal is to provide you with a stress-free and cost effective way to assist you and your business achieve maximum profitability.



How we work

Admingenix is here to help you take the admin workload off your hands (e.g. controlling email, keep your daily diary schedule, typing letters, meeting minutes, etc.) and do the leg work for you.


– We have unique packages including our terms and conditions for all the different needs.


– When choosing Admingenix we will discuss the finer details with you and come to an agreement on the package you signup for.


– We also have a strict privacy policy to ensure you that all information shared with Admingenix will be kept confidential.





Our mission is to focus on your business


and to help you save time and money.



If you can dream it


We can achieve it.

Our Skills

Microsoft Office



Power Point


Admin Support


Social media updates

Quick Books

Remote Assistance

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